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Evolving Security for Future Generations

It's time to merge digital and physical security to ensure critical infrastructure remains uninterrupted. Tautuk™ provides you with trust, reliability and security for operational integrity.

Systems Understanding to Stay Ahead of Threats

Tautuk™ is everywhere you need it to be. Even small changes in complex systems can be seen, understood and used to ensure the system serves the business and ultimately the products and services the world depends on every day.

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Detect & Respond to ICS/OT Cybersecurity Threats

Tautuk™ was designed, unlike any other security solution. There are no complicated agents and no difficult hardware to install. Tautuk™ instruments a device's electromagnetic footprint, detecting changes and alerting you to maintenance, hardware, and security issues across your operational infrastructure.

The Difference is Ground Truth

We focus on the hardest areas to protect (field solutions), but easiest for adversaries to compromise.

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Reduce Risk With Ops-Centric Security Visualization

Tautuk's Quick Status feature enables rapid, informed decisions using the collection of unique
real-time ground truth data, to help you meet your business or mission objectives with confidence.

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A Powerful Platform For Actionable Intelligence 

Sophisticated attackers identify defenses and work to avoid them. Since Tautuk™ sits outside devices, your defenses aren’t susceptible to evasive techniques. Tautuk's 24/7 monitoring keeps watch when you can’t, giving you increased confidence in operational resiliency.

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A Complete Picture
of Your System in a
Simple Dashboard

Prevent security vulnerabilities from compromising your infrastructure with ops-centric security visualization. Easily spot anomalies and drill down for deeper investigation. Monitor all layers of your environment with Tautuk™ to discover security issues on a schedule or in real-time. 

Detecting Motor Issues for Industrial Availability, Integrity, Safety & Security

Motors are used in a wide range of critical industries and a vast number of devices and applications, such as fans, robotic tools, appliances, electric vehicles, hybrid cars, and so much more. Understanding how these motors are operating has life-sustaining, life-supporting and life-advancing implications. 

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See How Tautuk™ Is Used Today

Utility Sector

A common attack on energy infrastructure is the usage of false flags, tricking the infrastructure into taking an action that would have detrimental downstream effects.

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Providing trust and visibility across geographically distributed environments without the high human cost.

Manufacturing Industry

By detecting anomalies in the manufacturing chain with active monitoring for tampering or resiliency, organizations can reduce downtime and improve overall operational performance, while adding confidence in the security of those critical assets.

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Enabling visibility and reducing loss in manufacturing and air gapped facilities.

Supply Chain Tampering

By creating a digital twin of a device and comparing that image to a library of known similar devices, organizations can create a comparison that highlights when additional elements, such as chips, are introduced. This allows for bulk transfer and validation of devices while establishing trust in their provenance.

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Identifying tampering within the supply chain, without the complexity.


Your Journey Starts Here!

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