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Safeguarding The Worlds

Manufacturing organizations around the world can count on Tautuk™ to protect their operational availability, integrity, safety and security. 

From pharmaceutical and automotive to consumer and heavy industry manufacturing, Tautuk is ready to help deliver a whole systems perspective for your organization's industrial operations.

Get Infrastructure

and Asset Visibility

Since most manufacturers operate across multiple geographically distributed sites and rely on a high volume of complex devices and systems from multiple vendors, it is critical to maintaining an accurate inventory of all assets in these industrial environments. Tautuk is ready to help!

24/7 Reliability Monitoring

and Threat Detection

The ability to detect threats quickly is essential to industrial availability, integrity, and safety but requires extensive visibility and monitoring coverage, across classic devices, OT, IoT, and IIoT systems. Attackers will move along the path of least resistance, while each unique environment tends to have its own monitoring and detection tools. The Tautuk™ Platform ensures no event goes unnoticed, including maintenance issues, hardware failure, and threats to physical and digital security.

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Asset Verification and Relationships

Relying on third-party vendors to supply and maintain industrial assets, as well as the geographic distribution of operational sites, means manufacturers’ OT environments are frequently accessed remotely. OT remote access is a huge attack vector, introducing massive security and reliability risks. The Tautuk platform allows organizations to know and trust that the devices in their environment are theirs and can be verified and strongly authenticated. Beyond knowing what is present, it vital to understand the interdependencies and interactions among systems, interpret changes, and model future states.

We're Here to Support You!

It’s all about being able to identify, protect, detect, remediate, and recover operational systems. Effective security and reliability for critical manufacturing industries requires visibility and monitoring of the devices you trust every day to reduce risks to OT availability, integrity, and safety. The Tautuk platform allows you to collect electromagnetic field emissions from your devices and intelligently processes them to a custom dashboard in the cloud. Providing insight, visibility, and reliability, across your critical digital and operational infrastructure.

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