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Fast Chats
 With The Guardians of Critical Infrastructure 

Red Curry is having fun cutting through all the noise to help organizations tackle the real challenges our world faces at the intersection of technology and security.

Fast Chat Episode #4: 
Actionable observability is empowering critical industries to build robust CyPhy security measures, disaster preparedness plans, and effective risk management strategies to stay ahead of the curve.
Listen to this FastChat to learn more!

Special Guest Harold Moss, CEO Tautuk

Fast Chat Episode #3:
The combined power of digital and physical security will turn the tables in favor of the defenders so we can better battle the cyber threats our world faces every day on all fronts.

Special Guest Sam Curry, CSO Cybereason

Fast Chat Episode #2: 
Addressing the gaps in security across critical infrastructure today and advice for a layered approach for industrial cybersecurity. 

Special Guest Harold Moss, CEO Tautuk™ Inc.

Fast Chat Episode #1: 
5 Ways Industrial Organizations can ensure trust and
reliability for assets across operational technology

Special Guest Harold Moss, CEO Tautuk™ Inc.

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