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Safeguarding The Worlds
Water Utilities 

Our world relies on water. It's vital to agriculture, to fight disease, for industrial processes, public health, and so much more. 

Water is life-sustaining, life-supporting, and life-advancing. Water utility organizations today need to protect the availability, integrity, and safety of their operations and address security and reliability challenges to meet the world's water, wastewater, and energy needs.


Get Infrastructure

and Asset Visibility

It’s no secret that water utility organizations have a massive physical footprint with globally distributed facilities and operations. Maintaining and monitoring for threats, vulnerabilities, and risks to critical assets across OT, IoT, and IIoT assets is incredibly difficult. Tautuk™ is ready to support!

24/7 Reliability Monitoring

and Threat Detection

Field distribution systems, flow sensors, and pumping stations are just a few types of water infrastructure components that require visibility into maintenance, security, and reliability for public health, safety, and auditing for compliance. The Tautuk platform is ready to support field technicians and third-party vendors who often and unknowingly introduce a massive risk to OT environments every day.

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We're Here to Support You!

With the vast number of legacy systems across OT environments, security and reliability for the water utility industry demands visibility into systems, reducing risks to the availability, integrity, security, and safety of water and wastewater operations. The Tautuk™ platform allows organizations to collect electromagnetic emissions from OT devices and intelligently process them to a custom dashboard in the cloud. Providing insight, visibility, and reliability, across your critical digital and operational infrastructure.

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