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Securing The Worlds Critical Infrastructure 

Ensuring Trust & Reliability For Operational Technology.

Device Identity & Assurance

Strengthens Business Operations

Tautuk™ collects electromagnetic field emissions from devices and intelligently processes them in the cloud to provide insight, visibility, and reliability, across your critical digital and operational infrastructure. With the Tautuk™ platform, you will be able to detect tampering, enforce policy, and counter cyberattacks in near real-time.

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Security Lacks a Whole-System Perspective

Critical infrastructure and operational technology need affordable, reliable, and low-maintenance security solutions that will provide 24/7 monitoring across all systems and will alert users when there is a threat.



The number of days on average it

takes to discover a security incident.



The average frequency adversaries

attempt to breach our technology.



The average global cost of a breach

to an organization in 2021.

We're The Guardians of Critical Infrastructure

Our mission is to help organizations stop threats, protecting complex operational and legacy technologies. We understand that addressing OT security in even the most modern environments is hard and costly, let alone in legacy environments where solutions are often being deployed. At the same time, regulations and security mandates are on the rise with more on the horizon. The Tautuk™ team is ready to provide a non-disruptive solution for your technology stack to improve visibility, intelligence, and security without pain

or hassle.

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Industrial Cybersecurity

Energy // Manufacturing // Water Treatment & More

Tautuk™ is ready to help you monitor connected and disconnected systems for reliability and security. Tautuk™ will detect changes, tampering, and attacks in minutes. From micro-electronics to IT, IoT, IIoT and beyond. Be prepared to identify live attacks and sabotage to your operations, from discrete integrated circuits on the micro scale to your supply chain on the macro scale.

The Tautuk™ Difference

MFT Expands the Aperture for OT

Multi-factor Trust provides organizations with additional verification factors for decision relevant actions. In a world where adversaries infiltrate networks or spoof behaviors, Tautuk™ provides a second level of confidence by focusing on OT field solutions, which are the hardest to protect, and the easiest for adversaries to compromise.

Tautuk™ provides Insight-as-a-Service!


See How It Works

Embark on an interactive exploration of Tautuk™, and experience for yourself how easy it is to have security and convenience for trusted operations across your entire infrastructure.

Convenience and Security
We're providing a new factor of trust for geographically distributed and legacy systems, without the complexity associated with traditional cybersecurity solutions. 

The Tautuk™ platform consists of three fundamental components: a receptor, an analytics processing engine, and an intelligence center portal.
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Critical Infrastructure

Analytics & Prossesing

Intelligent Portal

Organizations today demand visibility into field systems for reducing the risks to availability, integrity, security, and safety.
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Detecting threats to security and reliability for mechanical and digital solutions, while providing confidence in resiliency through deep learning of device emissions.
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Customer logs into the portal and orders the Tautuk receptor

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The receptor is packaged and shipped securely to your organization

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Customer places the receptor

near the system

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The receptor learns the system, and updates the cloud in real-time

4 Steps to Protecting Critical Infrastructure


Ground Truth for Industrial

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When it comes to your biggest operational risks, we're here to help.
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