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Safeguarding The Worlds
Oil & Gas Industry 

Oil and Gas operations and innovations are outpacing security and reliability measures, creating a massive risk to operational integrity.

Oil and gas companies around the world are looking to enhance the availability, integrity, and safety of everything from extraction to processing to fulfillment and support infrastructure across industrial networks, as well as improve security and maintain compliance. The Tautuk platform provides a unique solution to bring this reliability in a world where new technologies and threats seem to expand risk everyday!

Infrastructure Asset Visibility Are Vital

Oil and Gas companies typically operate across vast, geographically distributed areas, relying on complex devices and systems from multiple vendors. Being able to accurately identify, monitor and manage OT, IoT, and IIoT assets across these industrial environments is incredibly difficult.

24/7 Reliability Monitoring

and Threat Detection

Industrial reliability and security monitoring coverage and threat detection are essential to preserving the availability, integrity, and safety of oil and gas operations around the world. The Tautuk™ Platform ensures no security, reliability, or integrity issues go undetected, including maintenance issues, hardware failure, and threats to physical and digital security.

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Asset Verification and Relationships

Relying on field technicians and third-party vendors to service OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, as well as geographically distributed devices, means oil and gas companies must provide remote and third-party users with access to their industrial networks. Remote access to OT technology is extremely high-risk to device integrity, reliability, and security. The Tautuk™ platform allows organizations to know and trust that the devices in their environment can be verified, and strongly authenticated for what they need.

We're Here to Support You!

Successful security and reliability for the oil and gas industries requires fundamental controls that reduce risks to OT availability, integrity, and safety. The Tautuk™ platform allows you to collect electromagnetic field emissions from your devices and intelligently processes them to a custom dashboard in the cloud. Providing insight, visibility, and reliability, across your critical digital and operational infrastructure.

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