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   of Critical Infrastructure

Powered by a passion for people, processes and technology.

About Us

Tautuk™ is changing how organizations monitor and secure physical and digital systems, without the high human costs.

We believe monitoring physical and digital systems for efficiency, reliability and security shouldn’t require superhuman efforts, so we created a system that lets you simply know when things aren’t working the way they should without having to install agents, open systems, physically inspect devices constantly, or other costly activities.


Our Story

Tautuk™ was founded with a mission to protect critical infrastructure which serves to support, save and advance life every day. We understand the key isn’t just deploying the decades-old defenses or even simply honing cyber skills: it’s innovating, exceeding the pace of innovation and finding new forms of telemetry and perspectives from the domain that is least expected– the physical world. The marriage of using physics, radiation and electromagnetic field changes as a telemetry-outside-the-battlefield is the key to next practices in playing dirty and unfairly to protect the world we live in and deny bad actors the opportunity to have “optionality."


Our leadership team is passionate about innovation and brings experience ranging from government intelligence to enterprise security. With proven operational excellence, they're driven by a dedication to customer success.

Strategic Advisors

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