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Industrial Operations

Get Actionable Observability For Your

Leverage Tautuk's AI Analytics Platform to enhance operational performance, monitor systems, and gain real-time insights into your logistics and supply chain operations. Increase efficiency, safety, and sustainability, by anticipating trends, and minimizing waste in your operations.
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Go Beyond The Visible

Transforming Data

Into Actionable Insights


Tautuk's AI Analytics Platform processes information from EMF, temperature, humidity, and gas sensors. This creates a unique source of industrial operational intelligence, offering insights that help you identify operational opportunities, enhance operational resiliency, detect security events, and prevent tampering attempts.

Embracing The Journey

Navigating Change, Building for Tomorrow

Tautuk™ specializes in assisting diverse industries as they navigate the complexities of today's rapidly evolving business environment. We aim to empower key sectors, including energy, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain, with innovative industrial analytics solutions. By offering actionable intelligence, we bolster operational integrity, enhance resilience, and pave the way for continuous growth.

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AI-Powered Data Insights

Our unique approach to data gathering and analysis enables organizations to consolidate their

collection activities to identify security events, detect changes in and improve operational processes

that affect machine and process reliability or performance while expanding market opportunities.

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Operational Foresight For Your Machine, logistics & Supply Chain Health

Excel. Thrive. Secure.


Reduce Operational Downtime
Reduce Cost In The Supply Chain



Increase Operational Efficiency

Unlock growth, efficiency, and sustainability in your industrial operations with Tautuk’s advanced AI analytics. Utilize powerful predictive capabilities to gain actionable insights from predictive maintenance to vital events in minutes, driving informed decisions and boosting productivity. Enhance quality control and safeguard your operations, leading the way in your industry.

Predictive Maintenance is Just Part of The Story


Go Beyond Maintenance:
While others focus almost solely on predictive maintenance in manufacturing systems, Tautuk offers a holistic suite covering the entire operations spectrum.

Tipping Insights:
Proactively anticipate critical thresholds in systems and environments – from machinery dynamics to warehouse conditions and shipping factors such as temperature, humidity, and potential goods damage – ensuring optimized operations across all fronts.


Supply Chain Expertise:
Dive deep into logistics, optimizing each link in the chain for maximum efficiency and profitability.


Product Quality Guarantee:
Our solution doesn't just monitor machinery; it ensures the end product meets the highest standards.


360° Value Chain View:
Analyze and optimize every environment in the value chain, from raw material sourcing to end-user delivery. 

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Exceeding Expectations

Tautuk™ is pushing boundaries and reshaping the future of operational intelligence and secure monitoring. With a team of experts in AI, data analytics, and critical industries, we combine innovation, expertise, and dedication to deliver exceptional solutions. Partner with us and discover a reliable and trusted ally in securing your operations with operational insights, integrity, resilience, and safety, powered by actionable observability.

When it comes to your biggest operational challenges, we're here to help

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